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Auto Mode: This feature is based on Auto Suggestion. It helps investors to build and maintain portfolio from scratch. Typically users are expected to provide basic information like budget and number of stocks. This feature starts suggesting stocks with the quantity information on regular basis. It takes care of portfolio diversification and money distribution. It is helpful for those investors who have no idea about stock market but would like to enjoy the benefit keeping themselves away from linked intricacies. Enabling Auto Mode New User New user should select the option Let Auto Suggestion help me in building the portfolio and our system will automatically register the portfolio for Auto Mode
Enabling Auto Mode for New Portfolio/User

Existing User Existing users can find a check box just below Auto Suggestion button (only visible to APS subscribers). By default this is unchecked. Just click the checkbox here to enable the Auto Mode service.
Enabling Auto Mode for Existing Portfolio/User

1. Does Auto Mode takes care of Portfolio Diversification and Money Distribution? Ans.: YES 2. How will I track a stock if Auto Mode will replace it with another fast moving stock? Ans.: Auto Mode will never remove a stock from your portfolio if you have taken some position (ensure your quantity column has more than 0 value). You may continue tracking your favorite stock even if it is in red zone. 3. Can I move back to normal mode (non-Auto Mode)? Ans.: YES (anytime) 4. How will I know which old stock has been replaced by new one? Ans.: Auto Mode sends a detailed report of it's actions through email. 5. At what intervasls does Auto Mode works? Ans.: At least once in a week (just before sending weekly report). Typically it also updates just before showing your online portfolio. 6. What about quality of stocks? Ans.: Auto mode only selects stocks which have 2.5 or higher Star Rating by our system. It means you are investing in stocks which have track record of returning good value with predictability moderate to high.

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