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Money Back Policy

Money Back Terms and Conditions:
  1. Money back feature is applicable only to first time subscribers.
  2. Money back policy is not applicable to subscribers who have already used premium services (available to paid customers) as trial or otherwise.
  3. Money back policy will not be available after 30 days of subscription (counted from payment date).
  4. To claim your refund please drop a mail to from your registered e-mail id.
  5. Money back policy will return just the amount of money paid by the customer for the service. We will not refund any extra cost incurred by the user to subscribe/use the service or losses made in the share market.
  6. Money back policy will be devoid in case given personal information is found to be incorrect (e.g. email, Mobile, name etc.).
Above terms and conditions are to avoid misuse of our system. Read out DOs and DONTs for best experience of our service. Also read out How to Measure Performance of Your Portfolio (Generic framework to evaluate the long term impact of any strategy or recommendation service).

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