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We recommend following DOs and DONTs to evaluate our service’s effectiveness.
  1. Select 10-20 stocks in your portfolio. No need to worry if following Auto-mode.
  2. Keep portfolio diversification 100%. No need to worry if following Auto-mode.
  3. Keep Money distribution 100%. No need to worry if following Auto-mode.
  4. Adhere to buy/sell quantity recommended by the system.
  5. Sell off stocks in sell zone (marked as red colour) immediately.
  6. Do not hold the stocks in sell zone in the hope of recovering the loss in near future.
  7. Do not mix the judgement of other sources along with our system’s recommendations.
  8. Do not mix the analysis from other schools of thought e.g Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis (Read Why Fundamental Analysis is Not for Retail Investors).
    1. Please also visit our other article How to Measure Performance of Your Portfolio.

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