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Paper Trade and APS

APS supports Paper Trade to boost the confidence of investors in our system. Our 30 Days Money Back Policy along with Paper Trade places users in Win-Win situation. Paper trade ensures they will not loose anything on the investment front and our Money Back Policy ensures they will get refund of money if they did not like the service. Steps to Perform Paper Trade Step 1: Subscribe APS: On home page there is a button Subscribe Now.

Click the button and follow the instructions. If you have already created a login and portfolio on our website then find a button "Activate Subscription" on the portfolio page. Click this button and follow the instructions.
APS Activation Button on Portfolio Page

Step 2: Fillup Portfolio: Portfolio can be filled up in three ways.
  1. Assign your existing stocks (not applicable for Paper Trade).
  2. Select 10-20 stocks yourself using help of our tool Portfolio Builder.
  3. Keep it in Auto-Mode (system will suggest you what and when to add).
Our Portfolio Assistant feature helps users to select the option and follow the processes after that. Step 3: Virtual Buy/Sell: Portfolio with APS recommends buy and sell along with quantity. Stocks under buy recommendation are highlighted with Green color. Quantity column informs number of stocks needed to buy with a number preceded by +(plus) sign. Similarly, stocks recommended for sell are highlighted with Red color. Quantity column informs number of stocks needed to sell with a number preceded by -(minus) sign.
Buy/Sell Recommendation Hint As Color Code

Users opting for Auto-mode need to click a button Auto-Suggestion. This will further recommend stocks to be added and removed from the portfolio.

To perform the virtual transactions, select buy/sell hyper link at the right most column of each stocks' record.
Buy/Sell/Show Links

Clicking on the appropriate link will open a small form to take input value. This form has pre-filled value and user only needs to click OK. Sometimes user may like to correct the price from current market (visit or for the same). Our experience suggests that accepting the default value (last session closing price) is also reasonably good for paper trade purpose.

Step 4: Relax till Next Weekly Report: Wait for next weekly report (last trading day of the week). If there is an action suggested then repeat the instructions in Step 3. Measuring Success We have created a framework to measure your investment strategy success. Please find the details at the following link How to Measure Performance of Your Portfolio?

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